Responsive education


Responsive Education

Eiduco is a flexible method of education that responds to the student's need of optimising their individual learning process yet maintaining a rigorous and standard approach. Eiduco answers to the academic demands to categorize knowledge personally. In a digitalized world we want to give a safe place to educational institutions to store their entire didactic material and we offer them a tool to optimize their archive.

Eiduco is the best encouragement to keep the student curious. Teachers and students are equally involved in making sure the knowledge delivered is of quality.

We believe that the greatest education experience is a shared experience.

Eiduco Technology

Eiduco is a technology born to simplify the operations of archiving, indexing, transcript and research of audiovisual documents. Based on the assumption that classes can be recorded (audio and/or video), Eiduco allows to organize the recordings and to navigate across the entire study material. Students can explore subjects through bookmarks and tags created in class, they can integrate slides and recordings with notes and markers and even include external documents, accelerating in this way their learning time and the quality and quantity of the information retained.

How does Eiduco work?

The starting point for using Eiduco is the recording of the classes. Usually only audio recorded is necessary but video recorded is also supported. In order to set up an Eiduco class, it’s not necessary to have a multimedia room but only:

  1. an Audio recorder
  2. Internet / intranet connection
  3. a Laptop ( tablet or mobile phone)

Once the teacher has organized the lesson, he presents it in class and the students interact with him, among each other and with the content explained just using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The lesson can also be followed by remote with Eiduco In Stream

  • live Audio
  • live Hybrid
  • live Video

This function gives the students, who can not be in class, the chance to participate to the lesson and to tag it exactly in the same way than the others. The modules for audio-video live streaming effectively stimulate an active listening and an active participation and contribute to implement distance learning.

The software of Eiduco not only allows the streaming but it also subtitles the slides that accompany the explanation, with the words spoken by the teacher. The application can even simultaneously translate the lesson into a foreign language offering educational institutions a great tool to support hearing impaired students and to make lessons accessible for foreign students.
Do not wait to give your institution and your students the chance of improving the teaching and especially the learning through an innovative methodology.

Let’s create together the best learning experience

Eiduco has being beta-tested by course leaders and students during their classes. The results of a recent survey conducted in Italy with a group of students and teachers using our platform has shown that Eiduco is an innovative tool. 93% of the interviewees think that the quality of study has increased and that Eiduco really helps improving distance learning.

Now we are excited to announce that the enrollment is started on selected invitation basis.

If you also would like to enroll your course with Eiduco, drop us an email:


Your awesome course even more awesome