Responsive Education

About Eiduco

We are in a continuous state of learning. Eiduco is about reinforcing knowledge. It is a technology and a methodology built for learning. Like learning, Eiduco undergoes constant chains of improvements.

Eiduco is a tool for teaching at educational institutions and at the same time a learning companion for students. The core technology that powers Eiduco helps you to simplify the operation of archiving, indexing, transcribing and streaming of audio-visual documents.

The 4 modules of EIDUCO

Eiduco is a platform consisting of four modules. Eiduco Organizer and Eiduco Presenter are the two modules used by the teacher to organize and present the lesson. Eiduco In Class and Eiduco After Class are the modules used by the students to first interact with the teacher during the lesson and after the lesson to study with. The modules In Class and After Class can be considered the main modules of our platform.

A walk through Eiduco from Eiduco

How to implement EIDUCO

For a good functioning of our technology we suggest the use of two servers, a media repository for saving all Eiduco In class audio and visual documents and another server for saving Eiduco After Class documents created by the students.

There are 3 options of implementing Eiduco in your institution:

  1. Full in house (the institution has both servers in house)
  2. Fully outsourced (the servers are both outsourced in our company)
  3. Hybrid outsourced (the repository server is at the institution and the other one in our company)