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Eiduco is the first learning web platform developed to reduce the learning time and increase the effectiveness of the study. It can be easily integrated with other e-learning platforms LMS without the need of big technology investments.. Eiduco is the best encouragement to keep the student curious. Teachers and students are equally involved in making sure the knowledge delivered is of high quality.


We believe that the greatest education experience is a shared learning experience.



Eiduco has being beta-tested by course leaders and students during their classes. The results of a recent survey conducted in Italy with a group of students and teachers using our platform has shown that Eiduco is an innovative tool. 93% of the interviewees think that the quality of their study has increased and that Eiduco really helps improving distance learning. What are you waiting for? The enrollment is already started.

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What students say about us

Presentare le frasi come slide che scorrono oppure inserire immagini vicino ad ogni frase

"Easy to use, great opportunity to follow lessons from my laptop"

"Interactive research with keywords"

"Eiduco increases the efficiency and effectiveness of my study"

What teachers say about us

"The possibility of receiving a feedback from a student if my explanation was not clear"

"Foreign students can also follow the lesson with the live translation in their own language"

Quando si clicca sull'icona, il colora cambia in verde e si apre una finestra pop-up com maggiori informazioni